About Us

Daiem Health care and Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd. Is professionally managed Nanded based pharmaceutical Organization and climbing up a ladder of success with a vision to offer excellent quality healthcare products at affordable prices. We have extensive manufacturing capacity units in Nanded .

Daiem Health care and Pharmatech is an independent pharmaceutical company with manufacturing, distribution, sales and marketing departments. and focusing on most important therapeutic segments i.e. Pregnency product (Daiepmro preg Protien Powder)

Daiem Health care and Pharmatech Pvt. Ltd. is highly concerned with concrete results progressing ahead with innovative plans, therefore focusing on business ethics with commitment. These key values are working consistently on manufacturing, marketing, and selling result oriented molecules that help people to live a better quality of life. We aspire to enrich our employees – our driving force, to become highly competent professionals with technologically based sound Organization. By the end of this decade, we shall be amongst the most admirable companies in India.

2 Directors associated

Mohammed abdul vasi
abdul samad shaikh


Ilyas ahmed Habibuddin



Our Courageous and Passionate Mission involves the making of stalwarts in health and pharma sectors and the efforts to nourish proactive, dedicated and multitasking human team which will lead the All Good and betterment of Mankind.


Daiem health care and pharmatech private limited will be an Philanthropic Pharma icon for rendering services in health sector to eradicate all diseases on earth.